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About LeylaB

Hi I am Leyla Brunton – LeylaB!

I have been fortunate throughout my life with the opportunity of travel and lived in many of the fashion capitals of the world. Through my journey I’ve had the privilege of attending numerous events meeting some amazing people and visionaries along the way and my multicultural, multilingual and very eclectic background has allowed me the appreciation of how styles and looks can be successfully fused.

Currently based in Dubai in the UAE, something of the centre of activity right now, I continue to follow international trends whilst actively promoting an exciting and rapidly evolving regional fashion scene.

I will continue to attend meaningful events and promotions worldwide and my related blog will bring colour on topics ranging from fashion to food blogging about personal style, life, travel, beauty and everything else day-to-day in between.

Through this site, my wish is for followers to have access to the world’s most influential celebrities, tastemakers, events and prestigious brands.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time out to comment and show such an interest.

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