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Living with a Ferrari in Dubai!

August 20, 2017



So to the eternal question; can you live with a Supercar as your everyday? I think that depends on the Supercar, when it comes to the Ferrai 488 GTB (for those who don’t know the successor of the 458 Italia only this time twin Turbocharged ) I think so… The 488 is in every way a supercar; supercool, super luxurious and super super fast! Put it in ‘Race’ mode and use the paddle shifts and the car lights up with extremely short gear shifts you are having fun even at moderate speeds, the car handling and the sound is absolutely magnificent. Fear not there’s enough onboard tech to prevent it from being too scary. Don’t get me wrong, switch it up further and you can be a complete hooligan. But don’t. Leave it in ‘Sport’ and in auto mode the car just tones right down into the everyday day car that is no harder to drive than any other non-supercar sharing the road with you.

I still enjoy the engine noise and the shear sense of occasion which comes with driving a Ferrari but you’re poodling along the Jumeirah beach road doing 50km/ hr in 7th gear! Better still press the ‘Bumpy road setting’ (I just love that) and ride is softened to such a degree that now your supercar just turned into a cruiser that you’d have no problems driving long distances in.

So is it particle? It has a good boot and because all of the driving controls are mounted on the steering wheel the very elegant cabin is un cluttered and creates lots of space for your bag, the pop-in shopping or you gym gear without compromising your passenger.

We’re lucky here in Dubai that daily driving is made of shorts journeys so your fun is not spoiled by that nagging fear in the back of your mind of mass depreciation due high mileage.

So for the last time, is the Ferrari 488 GTB a practical everyday car in Dubai then?

Yes definitely, so much so I think they should rename it the Ferrari 488 DXB! #LeylaB




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