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City Pages Kuwait interview!

August 14, 2016


As I’ve promised, here is my recent interview with Kuwaity magazine City Pages.

1. Hi Leyla, could you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

I am Wife and mother.
I am Leyla Brunton Founder and Designer at LeylaB DXB. Blogger, Influencer. Brand Ambassador.
2. Tell us about your journey so far?
I moved to Dubai from London 7years ago it’s been a blast. Made amazing friends. Love Dubai.
3. Can you tell us about your blog, and what inspired you to start blogging? My blog is about lifestyle, a big part of it is of coursefashion. My friends convinced me to start my blog as I was already blogging I just hadn’t realised it yet!
4. How and when did you move to Dubai? I moved to Dubai 7 years ago. I met the love of my life and followed my heart.
5. Uprooting your life is never easy. Were there any transitional struggles you faced when moving to Dubai? Thanks to my husband I had no struggles when I moved.Once here Dubai is very multicultural city and thanks to my backround I do speak in 8 languages which made it very easy to make friends everywhere.
6. What is a typical day in the life of Leyla Brunton?
Very busy. I start my day at 6ameveryday. Every day is different, every day is a blessing.
7. What do you think will be the big hits fashion wise for next season?
That’s exactly what I’ve asked Christopher Bailey creative director of Burberry. His answer was lots of Gold. For Middle East I would say pastels, Nude, beige and neutral colours.
8. What do you spurge on? (spend a lot of money on) Bags, bags, bags, are my weakness. I love designer handbags. I love them all.
9. Do shops and advertisers send you samples of their goods to feature? All the time, I am very thankful that I get to try different new products all the time.
10. Who does your amazing photography? I get this question asked all the time. I have 3 photographers. Why 3? because they all have diffident vision, different skills, but I think sometimes it’s all about you, your character and your pose, your mood. I used to do part time modeling when I was at university in London so I learned a lot about modelling and fashion during that period and I’ve just maintained what I learned.
11. What is the biggest challenge about blogging? Time… I try my best to post blog same or next day after the review.
12. What do you love most about blogging?
Experience. Try new products, discover new places, review of new restaurants. I am a big foodie I love different cuisines, different restaurant experiences. I appreciate the benefits of good skincare products too, I enjoy trying and experimenting with different brands and their products.
13. For all of the ladies out there struggling to find time to chase their dreams, how do you balance running a successful blog and family?
It is all about right balance, lots of people will get stressed out about that. You have to make sure that you have time for family, for blogging and of course for yourself. You have to prioritize and balance as you slice and plan your days.
14. We are huge fans of your Instagram. Do you have any tips or tricks for achieving an aesthetically awesome Instagram page? Any social media tips?
Style everything on yourself instead of copying someone else otherwise it will lack your personal style and will not reflect your true self inevitably leading to a lack ofinspiration to grow it and ultimately failure. Tip: Find yourself before your fashion, you can never go wrong.
15. What’s the one habit you have that changed your life for the better?
Healthy eating and more exercising.
16. Favorite place in the world: Maldives
17. What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?
I love my food, I mean it, I eat a lot! Peopleare always surprised when they learn of my appetite… I never skip a meal and my portions are quite generous :-)
18. Now, tell us a bit about your fashion line. What inspired you to start it?
I have recently launched my Nude collection, abayas and jalabiyas. The abayas can be worn by both Middle East and Western women, the cut and fabrics make it the garment very versatile. My Jalabiyas are designed in such a way that they can be worn with abayas or on its own also as a beautiful long evening dresses.
19. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion for me, is firstly, all about how one feels about it and themselves. It is important that one feels absolutely comfortable with what they are wearing. I always say “Find yourself before you find your fashion and you can never go wrong”
20. Describe the type of woman you design for? I design for everyone. I focus more on versatile design, most of my designs can be worn by any woman at any age. I have Clients young and old from Singapore to Kuwait.
21. How would you describe your own personal style?
Fashion helps us show who we are! I always wear clothes according how I feel. It is all about confidence and knowing what suits you
22. Your message for us at CityPages magazine: as we are entering Ramadan is the holiest and most awaited Islamic holiday. It is also considered as one of the significant pillars of Islam. As you fasts and offers prayers to Allah, may you find peace and happiness. Have a peaceful and happy Ramadan.

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